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Final Schedule - updated Jan. 28, 2016

Friday, Feb. 5, 2016

Session 1 - JO Levels 7-9 (all gyms)
7:30am check in

Session 2 - JO Level 6 (all gyms)
9:20am check in

Session 3 - JO Level 4 from Anchor, Granite State, Prestige
JO Level 5 from Anchor, Granite State, Brestyans
11:45am check in

Session 4 - JO Level 4 from AAGA, Gym Hutt, NEGTC, Noels, Planet, Sterling
JO Level 5 from AAGA, Ace, Gym Hutt, NEGTC, Planet, Sterling
1:35pm check in

Session 5 - Xcel Platinum from AAGA, Ace, AGTC, NEAG, SSYMCA, Sterling
Xcel Diamond from AAGA, Ace, Anchor, Brestyans, Sport Kids, SSYMCA
4:00pm check in

Session 6 - Xcel Platinum from Anchor, Brestyans, MGC, Planet, Sport Kids
5:50pm check in

Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016

Session 7 - Xcel Bronze from AGTC, Granite State, Hayden, Sterling
7:30am check in

Session 8 - Xcel Bronze from Ace, MGC, NEGTC, Sport Kids, TGP
Xcel Silver from MGC, Sport Kids, SSYMCA
9:20am check in

Session 9 - Xcel Silver from Ace, Granite State, AGTC, Hayden, NEAG, Sterling
11:50am check in

Session 10 - Xcel Silver from AAGA, Anchor, NEGTC, Planet, TGP
Xcel Gold from AAGA, AGTC, NEGTC
1:30pm check in

Session 11 - Xcel Gold from Anchor, Brestyans, Sport Kids, TGP
4:00pm check in

Session 12 - Xcel Gold from Ace, Granite State, Hayden, MGC, NEAG, Planet, SSYMCA, Sterling
5:50pm check in

Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016

Session 13 - JO Level 3 from Ace, GAB, Anchor, Planet, All-American, Noels, Shens
7:30am check in

Session 14 - JO Level 3 from Granite State, NEGTC, Prestige
8:45am check in

Session 15 - JO Level 3 from Gym Hutt, HOH, Sterling, Top Gun, SSYMCA, TGP
10:10am check in

Session 16 - JO Levels 1 & 2 (all gyms)
12:15pm check in