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All staff at Sterling Academy of Gymnastics are checked against CORI & SORI prior to employment, for your safety.

Staff members are also safety certified, professional members of USA Gymnastics,
through which a national background check is performed regularly.

In addition, Sterling Gym maintains Safety Certifications and staff members receive annual training in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Gymnastics Staff

Dance Staff

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Customer Service Staff

John and Nancy Carbone, Owners

On November 16, 1992, Sterling Academy of Gymnastics opened its doors with one set of bars, one beam, and 100 students enrolled. John and Nancy, business owners and managers of a small construction company for 25 years, began Sterling Academy with high hopes and dreams.

Nancy has been involved in gymnastics since 1978 when her children took up the sport. Her son Matthew competed at a local club and at Sterling Gymnastics and finally at Syracuse University until 1997. During this time, Nancy had been part of the parent's organization for gymnastics.

John and Nancy's role as owners is not the typical one. John, licensed in construction for 25 years, takes on any project handed to him. You will find him plowing the parking lot, working the counter, or building a 12,000 sq ft addition. John is the silent partner, the Jack of all Trades, and the one who works his butt off to get things done.

Nancy's role as owner, bookkeeper, business manager and class instructor is a tough one to balance. But like John, Nancy also does the dirty work. She wouldn't think twice about cleaning the bathroom, emptying the trash or cleaning up what other people have left behind.

Today, Sterling Academy has expanded to Dance, Martial Arts, Rock Climbing, Cheering, Fitness, Summer Camp, Cartwheels Cafe, and so much more. The gym has grown by 12,000 feet including a new Pre-school gym. To say the least, Nancy and John put everything they have into Sterling Academy. You can usually find them at the gym in the morning, noon, and night, not to mention weekends and special events. They have made the gym, not only bigger and better, but because of their skills and perseverance, they have given thousands of children the opportunity to become stronger, more confident and hopefully fulfill their dreams too.

1. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
2. First Aid and CPR Certified
3. USA Gymnastics Meet Director Certified
4. USA Gymnastics Professional Member

Bob Donahue

Boys' Team Director   |   Class Instructor   |   Jungle Gym Instructor

Bob has been with Sterling Academy of Gymnastics since 1993 and currently runs our Boy's Team Program and served as the USA Gymnastics State Director from 1990 to 2000. Bob competed for the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and graduated with a degree in Physical Education in 1981. Bob worked at the United States Gymnastics Training Center here in New England until 1992 and also served as the Boy's Program Director. Bob is an avid athlete and continues to instill the importance of perseverance and hard work in his students. Bob's coaching experience has spanned more than 30 years! Congratulations Bob!

1. B.S. in Physical Education
2. USA Gymnastics Boys Program, State Director (1990-2000)
3. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
4. First Aid and CPR Certified
5. USA Gymnastics Professional Member

Michelle Carbone

Girls' JO Team Director   |   Class Instructor   |   Uniform Coordinator

Michelle has been coaching gymnastics since 1993 and joined the Sterling Gym team in 2007. She also joined the Carbone family in 2007 upon marrying Matt! Michelle has a passion for gymnastics that is difficult to match. She constantly works to improve her knowledge of the sport, and strives to bring the best instruction to all her students. Michelle provides solid foundations for gymnasts to grow upon year after year.

1. CPR & First Aid Certified
2. USA Gymnastics Professional Member
3. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
4. USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Team Coach
5. Certified Meet Director
6. USA Gymnastics Skills Evaluator

Jay Lewenczuk

Summer Camp Director   |   Ninja Challenge Director     |   Facilities Manager

Every kid's favorite coach - Jay is very popular at Sterling Gym. He also wears many hats with us, including Summer Camp Director, Recreational Program Director and Class Instructor. In addition, you may have seen him wearing a bright green blazer at our Let's Make A Deal gymnastics meet! Jay is a graduate from Springfield College, with a B.S. in Business Management. He also did graduate work towards a Masters degree in Education. After graduating from college Jay was the Head Coach for the Men's Gymnastics team at Springfield College and Assistant Coach at James Madison University.

1. B.S. in Business Management
2. Certified Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard
3. CPR & First Aid Certified

Liz Gonzalez

Boys' Team Coach   |   Class Instructor

Liz has been a part of the Sterling Gym family since 1993, and has worn many hats over the years. She attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, graduating with a B.S. in Physical Education, before going on to teach at the United States Gymnastics Training Center until 1992. Liz has coached for more than 25 years, and has been coaching the Boys' team for the past 5 years along side Bob!

1. B.S. in Physical Education
2. USA Professional Member
3. First Aid and CPR Certified
4. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
5. USA Gymnastics Professional Development Program - Level 1
6. USA Gymnastics Skill Evaluator
7. USA Gymnastics Kinder Accreditation Certified (Pre-school)

Chris Behrle

Boys' Team Coach   |   Class Instructor   |   Jungle Gym Instructor

Chris is a recent graduate of Ball State University, where he competed on the Diving Team. Prior to this experience, Chris was a member of the Sterling Gymnastics JO Boys' Team. Chris started gymnastics at the age of 5, and grew up in a family of gymnasts. Not only is Chris a Super Gymnast, but also a Super Coach. Welcome back to the gym Chris!

1. USA Gymnastics Professional Member
2. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
3. First Aid and CPR Certified

Becky Grautski

Jungle Gym Co-Director   |   Class Instructor   |   Jungle Gym Instructor

Becky, aka, Super Woman, is a proud mother of 8 children, and 3 of her daughters are on the Sterling Gym Competitive Team! As a former gymnast herself at Weymouth High School, she is always very positive with her children as they progress in gymnastics, and carries that passion to her classes everyday. In addition, Becky spent 8 years as a cheerleader, and ultimately became the National Cheerleading Association Head Instructor. She holds a BS in Computer Science from Northeastern and currently runs the Leominster Youth Soccer program and the Children's Liturgy program at St. Cecelia's. Like I said, "Super Woman". We aren't really sure how she juggles it all, but she finds a way to make it work! Welcome aboard Becky!

1. USA Gymnastics Professional Member
2. USA Gymnastics Safety Certified
3. First Aid and CPR Certified

Matt Carbone

Girls' JO Team Coach   |   Class Instructor   |   IT Manager

Matt has been involved in gymnastics nearly his entire life. Starting at a young age, he competed through high school, and ultimately competed for Syracuse University on the Pommel Horse. Upon graduating, he started an international adventure where he worked in communications, product development, and systems research. Now back to his roots in gymnastics, Matt is the girls' JO team coach, as well as the webmaster for this site and IT manager. He also maintains a "night job" working in product manufacturing, sign carving and photography. If you look around the gym, you might notice some of his work hanging on the walls.

1. Bachelors of Industrial Design from Syracuse University
2. USA Gymnastics Safety Certification
3. USA Gymnastics Professional Member
4. US Elite Coaches Association Member
5. USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Team Coach
6. First Aid and CPR Certified

Erin O'Toole

Jungle Gym Instructor

Erin is a proud team parent here at Sterling Gym, and a former gymnast herself. She has many talents, and as it turns out, dodging this bio board is one of them! Welcome to Sterling Gym Erin, we are happy to have you with us and good luck to Abs in her competitions!

Renee Yoder

Jungle Gym & Special Needs Instructor

Renee has a master's degree in Special Education and has worked as a Special Ed teacher for the past 7 years. She is now the education coordinator at the Doctor Franklin Perkins School for grades K-6. She has also been a coach for Special Olympics for over 10 years in the sports of Basketball, Softball and Swimming.

1. American Red Cross First Aid & CPR Certified

Alan Seaback

Class & Ninja Instructor

Alan Seaback is a new member of our Ninja coaching team, and is loving every minute of his new career! He is a very enthusiastic instructor helping to create a new generation of little ninjas! Alan loves working with kids and is also an avid rock climber. Alan has past experience working as a famous mascot, and might have to bring that valued experience to Sterling Gym! Bonus points to the first person who can figure out which famous mascot Alan has played. Welcome to Sterling Gym and USA Ninja Challenge Alan! We are excited to have you on our staff!

1. USA Gymnastics safety certified
2. USA Gymnastics professional member
5. CPR and first aid certified.

Additional instructors not pictured:

Amy McLellan - Recreational Program Director
Alexis Bergman - Class Instructor
Natalie Bergman - Class Instructor
Sarah Pingeton - Ninja Instructor
Emily Ahearn - Dance Instructor
Kelsey Rouleau - Dance Instructor
Karen Brown - Dance Instructor
Lily Moran - Girls Team Coach
Katrina Smith - Girls Team Coach

Ms. Heather

Dance Co-Director

Ms. Heather is the Dance program Co-Director at Sterling Academy of Dance. Heather is a sought-after teacher from the New England area. She founded Academy of Dance Arts in 2002 and was artistic director until 2012 when she sold the studio. Her students have won numerous Overall Awards for Performance and Technique on the Regional and National level. Heather is one of the first to achieve National Overall Titles in 2007 and 2008 with Dancers Inc. She is also the recipient of several Overall Choreographic Excellence Awards. Heather trained with Martha Graham soloist Amy Bourtsev and performed as a soloist with Atlantis Contemporary Dance Company. She has also trained with Karen Brown, Jane Pearch of the Royal Ballet and Edra Toth of Boston Ballet. She loves continuing to learn better ways to share her passion for dance and is excited to get in the classroom!

Ms. Danielle

Dance Co-Director

Danielle Mullins began dancing at the age of three under the direction of Jim Caisse and is trained in all dance disciplines including Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Modern. She has performed and competed throughout New England, Bermuda, Epcot Disney and aboard the Norwegian Majesty cruise ship. Danielle is a graduate of Fitchburg State College where she earned her Bachelors degree in Business Management, and she also studied at Franklin Pierce University for one year under a Dance major. She obtained her Dance Teacher Certification through Dance Educators of America's Teacher Certification Program in New York City. Proving her dedication, she continues to keep her skills current by attending various dance classes and workshops. Today and for the past 12 years her passion is teaching and sharing the world of dance to others.

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